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What we do

Sea Fishing Tenby is a family run team consisting of two commercial fishing boats with different purposes.

The M.V Dianne is a Deep Sea adventure vessel carrying up to 12 persons per trip for 4 hours where you are likely to catch Tope, Bass, Skate, Conger Eel and Mackerel for just 29 pounds PerPerson.

The M.V Dianne also undertakes 2 hour bass trips for just 15 pounds PerPerson

They're are two daily trips depending on demand for either Bass or Deep Sea fishing along with the option of half day charters.

Image of M.V Dianne

The Seren Y Mor is used as a Mackerel boat carrying up to 12 people for one and a half hour trips with a knowledgeful skipper taking you to the well known hotspots almost ensuring a catch costing just 10 pounds PerPerson.

A freshly caught batch of mackerel

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